What you get from treatment with Joy Rendell

When you come to a session with Joy Rendell you get:

  • a listening ear
  • compassionate respectful attitude
  • I allow you to express yourself and clarify what you are asking using pointed questions to help you develop and guide your thoughts

What will happen when you call Joy Rendell?:

  • A free 20 mins discussion to identify if the services I have to offer are of use to you.
  • An agreed in depth interview by phone or skype to identify your hopes and aims and for me to gather information to prepare your treatment activities.
  • You will be required to complete a self assessment form which I will send to you.
  • You may be asked to send photographs relevant to your situation.
  • Face to face meeting to assess anything that cannot be done over the ‘phone.
  • You will be given an outline of activities for a set number of sessions. (12 weeks is the maximum)
  • Treatment sessions will begin at agreed time and place.

Treatment approach of Joy Rendell:

  • use non-invasive pain management techniques to free up your inner resources.
    • relaxation; mindfulness; desensitisation; posture and seating;
  • use Graded Motor Imagery – Right left Discrimination; Visualising moving and Mirror work as described by NOIGroup.com
  • use emotional freedom technique to clear the emotional baggage freeing you up to being lighter and more effective in what you want to be.
  • review your timetable to optimise you skills through the day
    • some tasks need focussed thinking and others need more physical strength. Creating a routine that allows you to utilise your natural rhythms and our health condition to optimal effect.
  • do graded activity to help you develop skills to achieve a specific task you desire to do
    • using activity analysis I break down the activity that you want to achieve and practise little bits at a time and then build them all up together.
  • explore resources, gadgets, that will enable you to do what you want more comfortable and effectively.
    • non-slip tape on the bottom of the bath; one handed game consoles; locate organisations that have knowledge of your condition and offer support; Clarify parameters when looking for new furniture or equipment – what is essential for your health condition and which features are  preference and style.