Prostheses, pain, quantum physics and health Q & A!

Q: How to find occupational therapy to help me get the most from my arm prosthesis?

Whichever clinic, NHS or private, you get your arm fitted the prosthetists will ensure you have a good understanding of controls and provided one that you are capable of controlling.  In general there is also a therapist connected to the clinic that can help you practise control skills and transfer these into your daily life.

If this service is no longer accessible to you, or you feel you are now ready to take on more, we offer to top up that training.

Q Which Science is our healthcare system based on?

It wasn’t until I started to read round about EFT that I discovered the ‘science’ upon which conventional medicine and alternative medicines were based.  The new biology, or new science, is based on the 20th Century science of Quantum physics. This approach is able to take in the anomalies of conventional medicine and put it all in a context.  However is not as neat and tidy as Newtonian physics devised in the 17th Century. Newtonian science views the physical world as a machine and only that which is measurable – solid. The mind and soul etc were not considered.  Cause and effect are considered linear; whereas in quantum physics everything influences everything else at the same time.

Q How does quantum physics relate to healthcare?

A beautiful explanation in Conscious Medicine – we are designed to be in wave/relax mode at least 80% of the time. Then from there when we go into particle/stress mode we will use it constructively eg focus on the detail of an aim to achieve a positive goal.  It is as if the two hemispheres of the brain depict the two states.  When we are primarily using the right side of the brain we are in the feminine bigger picture, connectedness, aware and alert to other factors around.  When we are in the left side of the brain we move into detail, focus and separateness – solid, identifiable – ego based – fixed rigid concepts that if left unsupported by the right side could lead to disease or fights!

Q Why is the stress/particle response so bad?

The stress response is the emergency mode – adrenaline highs – a great buzz for a while, but it also takes resources from our immune/ repair system and nutrition or digestion system. Which is fine in the short term, but in the long term it leads to dysfunction.

If repair is not maintained in any system there are inevitable breakdowns.  Breakdowns in this system means the odd cells don’t get destroyed – they multiply instead (cancer).  If the dead cells are not taken away quickly enough then bacteria will come and do it for us.  Bacteria rarely infect healthy tissues.

If nutrition is not maintained then the tissues cannot be strong and the imbalances mean that some organs will be depleted to maintain more crucial ones. Eg calcium from bones and magnesium from muscles to keep the ph in the blood the right balance to feed our brain and other vital organs.

Emotional Freedom Technique helps us to switch from stress response to relaxation response.  In other words to switch on the immune and digestive systems back to maximum function again.