Mini Case Histories

Mini Case studies
Hearing problem addressed with EFT

Client: in her 50s with muted hearing in one ear had tried various ways to address her hearing and was convinced it was not a build-up of wax, but was getting impatient and anxious about it.
Using Kinesiology and EFT we explored the feelings of anxiety about discomfort in noisy situations, communicating with people and making decisions with her work situation on how much to charge for her work. Issues arose from her student days about not feeling good enough at her work. This harboured feeling was holding her back from charging for her work today. From a session of an hour and a half she decided to go to the GP about her hearing and discovered that it was innocent build-up of wax after all. She also contacted a friend about financial advice and communicated with confidence about the contract she was concerned about.

KR – headache Cleared

KR reported having a gripping headache over right temple, after a round of EFT she reported that the pain had shifted and now was pain and stiffness in her left shoulder, another round and pain and weakness in her fingers. Her head cleared and her eyes a little blurry, arm better and shoulder loose again, but recalled a childhood event when she hit her head on a rock running on a beach. Cleared that scene and she said the rating for her head was now 0. Headache had not returned 10 days later.

KR– tennis elbow pain resolved

Client had this elbow pain for last 8 months. On discussion she reported that this arm was weak since a whiplash injury 20 years ago and her left arm often gets achy with sharp pains and stops her doing things. We started at 8/10 for pain in her elbow. The initial round was on the sensations of her arm and the frustrations that these stop her doing things. We then went onto EFT with the memories of her whiplash injuries – using them as a film – not going into detail. Then after a few rounds she expressed that she was stressed and angry that she had not completed some work forms and was rushing to a meeting. After another round she was laughing at the situation seeing the funny side of it. We went back to her elbow and the weakness had gone and the pain was now manageable.

Jim  – GMI – Graded Motor Imagery reduces drug intake

High level leg amputee – reporting shooting pains in his phantom leg, pins and needles that came on at 10.30 every evening stopping him from sleeping and bizarre intense stabbing pains that lasted 30sec and take your breath away and then come back after a few minutes to continue for hours or days.   We have progressed through the Right left discrimination process and he is now skilled at these judgements and now frequently aware of his left phantom foot, where as in the past he was not.  We moved onto visualising the phantom foot and moving it gently and this has also been possible where before he could not perceived his phantom foot/leg except when there was intense pain.  He has progressed to being able to turn his foot in/out and also bend the knee a little.  Now we are exploring mirror work. He can see his left phantom foot as if it were real and seeing in the has the sensation of his left foot.  All this over three months and there has only once been a bought of the intense pains and that was within the first 6 weeks of treatment. There has been no reference to the shooting pains that were quite disturbing and the pins and needles don’t seem to be appearing at night an if they do it is much later.  The pain medication is being taken as a precaution as it is one that needs to have a certain level in the blood to work.  A cautious welcome that the pain is decreasing due to the hard work, patience and diligence of the client.  Graded Motor Imagery takes a lot of personal input, which in the long term seems to pay off.  After …. Years of pain  there is cautious acknowledgement that we are going  in the right direction.