What people said about the Emotional Freedom Technique Group at Graceland’s Yard 

  • I went along with no-preconceptions and opened myself to a completely new experience. Food for thought!
  • Relaxing and through provoking. Listening and helpful.
  • Hands on instruction of EFT
  • It is really good how fast the pain lessens with tapping
  • The reasons that tapping helps reduce pain and the effects it has. I also enjoyed the advice I was given about how to use EFT in daily life.
  • Fun and interesting
  • If you have pain try this method – it works fast
  • An excellent beginning to EFT and I look forward to finding out more
  • Very intimate, safe, nurturing and informative
  • A different and effective event for people that believe in self healing.
  • I have heard and read so much about EFT so it was wonderful to not only have the process demonstrated but to have had a process structured to my own pain.

Overcoming Spider Phobia

“It was only yesterday evening when I was in bed that I thought about spiders again and I must say the thought alone didn’t freak me out  anymore, and I felt very calm, and had the feeling that I would be able to deal with it.  I still feel uncomfortable seeing pictures of big, hairy spiders (the big Australian ones), but I don’t panic anymore, and can look at the picture without feeling sick, but to be honest, I don’t know how I will react if I encounter a big one in real life (especially when it is dark).  The EFT has helped me to realise that there is nothing to be afraid of, and I have the feeling that I will be able to handle it now, without a panic attack or fear, but it still won’t be my favourite activity, I still feel that these are strange, and ugly creatures.

But to summarise it, there is a calmness over me now when it comes to spiders, and that is a big improvement compared to how I felt before about this.”  E. B. London

“During my visits to Joy Rendell for EFT/therapeutic sessions, I felt safe, confident, valued and optimistic. Joy gave me the tools to move on at a time of need and I am so grateful for it”. Best wishes, M.C.

Joy as an EFT Practitioner.

“Joy really takes time to listen carefully and look at you with patience as you explain what it is you want to change in your life. She is able to respect your issue for what it is instead of trying to make it something else.  The beauty of EFT is that it works with you as you are– unique, creative, stuck, logical, analytical, whatever…… and within this framework, Joy gives space to share and quietly writes away…. then it becomes apparent how much she really heard you as she takes you through your process with EFT…..

It is her gentle easy listening approach that I recommend to even the most sensitive or cautious of persons… ”                  in peace and light, K.M. London


Dear Joy

“Just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed our first few sessions of EFT.  Your clear and systematic induction was excellent and I am aware that I don’t put it into practice enough but when I do it really works.   I know that more sessions will be beneficial and I look forward to those.” Many thanks R.T.London