Do you want more control over your pain?

Is pain your guide to determine when you start and stop activity? Does it determine what type of activity you do?  Does it fluctuate depending on your mood?  Pain is a messenger on many levels. The obvious one is physical harm when we pull our hand away from fire.  When there is physical injury and we need to let the limb rest while it heals and knits together.  However when the injuries are old, if there is no recall of an injury at all the pain is a messenger of a different kind.  These could be emotional burdens we hold against us because we feel we too should bear some of the consequence of that event.  Or it may be a preventative pain – what would you do if you didn’t have the pain? Do you feel that the activity that you feel duty bound to do if you weren’t in pain acceptable? Perhaps the pain allows you time off work at a time you feel your personal conscience is being overridden by the work you are being expected to do?

With EFT we can tap into your subconscious and release some of the emotional layers and so often there comes clarity on what the underlying issue is.  This may be addressed by EFT or it may be something you need to address separately.  When you decide to address the underlying issue the pain comes under your control.