Are your scars pulling on your mind?

For every injury to our skins, whether from an accident or from surgery, a scar develops on the skin.  There is the first stage of sealing of the skin and to all intents and purposes it can be considered ‘healed’.  However there is another phase known as ‘remoulding’ where the bumpiness is flattened our and the redness fades and the skin pigment settles and the underlying structures move freely.  The remoulding phase happens naturally in small injuries. In larger injuries where we have infections, discomfort, other medical interventions taking priority or other reasons not to move or use that part of the body the scars become stuck and uncomfortable to see and feel.

There are some physical practical massage and cream routines that can be taught. There are desensitisation programmes that can be done too.  Also EFT can be used to address any feelings, thoughts or old hidden believes that may be complicating the scene.  When the emotional responses are cleared the physical aspects have the freedom to continue with the natural healing processes.