Are you uneasy about how you look?

Gary Craig, founder of EFT, talks about the ‘writing on the walls’ the stories or phrases that are used constantly within our childhood environment that form the foundation for our beliefs and feelings later in life.  If you have any that is derisory of a group of people and your recent injuries now put you in that category – how does your subconscious reconcile this? Eg  ‘Disabled people are dumb and just scrounge of society’ – so now that I am disabled I must also be dumb and a burden on society…. I could not go out to work – I would be rejected, I cannot go out socialising – I am dumb…. As you can see from the paralympic athletes not all disabled people are a burden and useless.

With EFT we can explore your history and see if there are any phrases that carry high emotional charge and are interfering with how you see yourself now.