About Joy Rendell

Joy visiting Joy Cakes in Melbourne

Joy visiting Joy Cakes in Melbourne

Joy brings a broad spectrum of experience to her work.  From the stillness of her Quaker upbringing and her thirty years’ experience of meditating she has a calm and gentle presence.

Believing that the way we experience life gives us clues into how we can heal and take ownership of our challenges, and thereby create a balanced and harmonious way of life.

Joy has been working as an OT for over 30 years working in the NHS, with 23 years at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital and Stanmore Prosthetic Rehabilitation Unit, treating people with injury, and trauma and amputation. She is interested helping people move on from trauma and emotional impact of injury, even horrific injuries…. which may be holding them back.

Working in the NHS means that she is familiar with extremes of injury, trauma and distress. She has worked with people from many nationalities and cultural backgrounds. She is used to being practical, efficient and clear. She works within professional boundaries and ethos.

Portrait 1Her experience of meditation and projects such as Values in healthcare are part of my ethos of ‘healing with compassion’.  She is interested in healthcare being more aligned to spiritual and human values and have done activities in promoting values awareness in hospitals and other healthcare settings. She is especially keen for healthcare to be offered in a peaceful caring calm positive approach as she believes this enhances the healing process.

Recently she has extended her abilities, and trained in Integrated Energy Therapy which is a blend of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) with a diploma in NLP with American Board of NLP. .  She  sees these techniques as  effective methods of processing emotional responses and conditioned mind-sets and other frames of reference that may be holding a person back from what they want to be.

She is looking forward to hearing from you.